• Kids Safety Products from Amazon

    Here are 10 selected best-selling safety and monitoring devices from the largest and most trusted marketplace in the world This list will be updated periodically. On every product is an … [Continue Reading]

    Kids Safety Products from Amazon
  • New KiddyTrack 2.0 (Second Generation)

    We are proud to release the new generation of the KiddyTrack tracking device. Spotting brilliant green, the KiddyTrack 2nd Gen is thinner and a tad lighter than before. Most importantly, its … [Continue Reading]

    New KiddyTrack 2.0 (Second Generation)
  • About Us

    Knowing Is Loving KiddyTrack was created by a group of parents who had a simple wish - to be able to watch over our children all the time, even when they are out of sight. Due to work commitments and … [Continue Reading]

    About Us
KiddyTrack is the first-of-its-kind GPS locating device combining with cell-based information in Malaysia, powered by Maxis.

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Now with KiddyTrack, I have peace of mind knowing exactly where my boy is at anytime of the day from anywhere. Aileen Tan